What is Dona’s Casually Created ?

Dona’s Casually Created is….

Photography for casual events with creativity. 
  • Want to be PART of that birthday party, anniversary party or other casual event?
  • Too busy taking photographs to enjoy the party or event?
  • How would you like to be part of those photographic memories and enjoy the party without sacrificing a guest to take the photographs?
Dona’s Casually Created puts you into the photographs, the memories and most of all, the fun!  I take the photographs at your casual event and provide you with the memories to cherish.
Portrait Photography with casual fun.
  • Tired of overpriced places and fake smiles?
  • Want more photographs of you, your family and friends having fun and not just posed?
  • Want an elegant portrait without the “elegant” pricing?
Dona’s Casually Created will do casual portrait photography and if you want them embellished, I will creatively add “flare” to your fun photos.
Scrapbooking your memories with creativity.
  • Are your photos stuck in your camera or on your computer?
  • Are your photo prints piling up in a box, on a table, stuffed everywhere?
  • Are you lost about what to do with your precious memories?
Dona’s Casually Created will create digitally or traditionally scrapbooked albums for you to cherish all those precious memories.  I will help you organize and properly store your photographs.  I will help you perserve all the moments of your life!
Sewing and Crafts with creativity.
  • Do you need help with sewing, alterations, hems?
  • Do you love the sewing crafts you see but don’t know how to sew?
  • Saw a craft on Pinterest you want but don’t know how to make it or don’t have the time?
  • Want that “homemade” touch but don’t have the time or know how?
Dona’s Casually Created helps you bring the homemaker back into your home without the work.